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Do you have a great idea, but you are missing a co-founder? You would love to join a start-up founding team, but haven’t found the right one yet? Become part of our talent pool of potential co-founders and get matched with your new business partners.

Co-Founder Matching
How does it work?

Whether you already have an idea or the desire to become a founder, join our co-founder matching to build up your team. Be part of our talent pool and get notified when we found a match for you.
Studies have shown that (diverse) start-up teams are more likely to succeed. This is why we want to support you in finding your team.

Everyone who is looking for a founding team.

You will be added to our talent pool. We will screen your applcation and we will get in touch with you as soon as we find someone who could be your perfect match.

We ask you to send us your CV to have an overview of your skills and expriences. We also need a motivation letter why you are looking for a co-founder and what you are looking for in your co-founder.

We are committed to find the right fit for everyone. Primarily we are bringing applicants together who we think are a good match. In doing so, we make sure that the skills complement each other. We also keep an eye on whether founders already have an idea and try to bring existing ideas together with suitable founders.

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Have a look at the different start-ups that are looking fo a co-founder and start your entrepreneurial journey!

Investor Impact – Co-Founder & CPO

Endoheldin – Chief Medical Officer

Endoheldin – CEO

Seniovo – Co-CEO

Roomdo – CTO


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If you haven’t found the right startup yet, please fill out the form below and become part of our talent pool. If you have a startup idea already and are looking for someone to complete your founding team, please fill out the form below as well and attach a call for applicants, that we can publish. If you don’t want to have it published on this page, let us know in the free text field.