Customer-centered. Hypothesis-driven.
Fully dedicated.

Our crew consists of entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers, technology experts, creative minds, and a lot more. As a top entrepreneurial university, HHL is committed to cultivating new business ideas, and our extensive network is here to support you every step of the way!

Prof. Dr. Dominik Kanbach

Academic Lead

DK is our Academic Lead. He also ist the leader of the Research Group Strategic Entrepreneurship at HHL.

Dr. Maurice Steinhoff

Managing Director

Pitch perfect? Guaranteed with Maurice! Being part of HHL DIGITAL SPACE since minute one, he supports the startups in the program.

Philip Dörr

Project Manager & EXIST consultant

Philip is our Project Manager and is there to help you grow and support you with the EXIST application.

Panajota Angjeli-Reich

Project Manager & Startup Coach

Panajota is here to help startups grow throughout our entrepreneurship programs and events and to lead diverse innovation projects.

Paulin Ostrowski

Project Manager

Paulin is creating event formats and content to support our founder teams and startups by also expanding our entrepreneurship network.

Christoph Scholze

Project Coordinator

Christoph is an experienced networker and project coordinator from Görlitz.

Nino Tomini

Nino Tomini

Research Assistant

Nino is doing his doctorial thesis at HHL and supports us with business development and partner relations.

Amanda Pankrat

Social Media Managerin

Amanda is creating our Social Media content and keeping care of our social profiles.

Niklas Schulte

Research Assistant

Niklas is doing his doctoral thesis at HHL and supports us as project manager on various entrepreneurial topics.

The Tech Incubator of HHL

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, a distinguished university-level institution, and a leading international business school, has a rich legacy of nurturing entrepreneurial, responsible, and effective business leaders. Renowned for its exceptional teaching, focused research, seamless knowledge transfer to practice, and outstanding student services, HHL has played a key role in the establishment of over 300 companies by its alumni.

In a strategic move to share this wealth of expertise and extensive network, HHL introduces HHL DIGITAL SPACE. This open platform and incubator extend support to entrepreneurs, not only for their students and partners but for anyone with a digital business model. As a hub for innovation, HHL DIGITAL SPACE successfully integrates key elements like “find the right startup funding,” “incubation program,” and “entrepreneurial strategy.” Join us in cultivating the next wave of successful entrepreneurs. Explore HHL DIGITAL SPACE and bring your digital business to next step.