Our Incubation Program

Batch #10 is application period is closed.

The applications for our next 12-week incubation program, starting in April 2024, are closed. 

Stay tuned for the next Batch in September.

Program Overview

Tailored Support for Early-Stage Ventures

Discover a program built on proven concepts, offering structured guidance specifically crafted for early-stage startups. At HHL DIGITAL SPACE, our 12-week incubation program is designed to provide a balanced mix of structure and creative freedom. 

Engage in concentrated analytical and empirical work, guided by feedback loops from external and internal experts and your dedicated coach. Our program encourages hands-on experience, ensuring you gain valuable insights and refine your approach with each sprint. Join us at HHL DIGITAL SPACE and let your entrepreneurial journey flourish. Learn more about our incubation program and how it can elevate your startup. 

Problem-solution fit

Elevate your startup journey

Program Benefits

Startup ventures often invest immense effort in the development of exceptional products or services and heart and energy into building robust structures that convince investors. However, navigating the challenges of young companies requires a strategic focus on the foundation of every successful business model: the problem-solution fit. 

In our 12-week program, we simplify the complex by focusing on a crucial objective – discovering and evaluating a fitting problem-solution match while concurrently developing a prototype. This intensive focus is our recipe for success, providing startups with a strong and sustainable foundation for growth. 


... and grow your startup!

Do you have a digital startup idea? 

You want to grow as a first-time founder? 

Does the prospect of immersing yourself in Leipzig’s dynamic startup ecosystem thrill you? 

If you answer yes, take the chance, and share your journey with us. Submit your idea deck outlining your concept and team background. Once we review your application, we will reach out to guide you through the next steps of your entrepreneurial adventure. 

Seize the opportunity to grow your startup with us. Apply and let us embark on this transformative journey together!

Get ready to start your journey with us in 5 steps

Step 1
Idea Slide Deck
What to include
  1. Information about you and your team (Team size, competencies, motivation, current situation, availability.)
  2. Information about your start-up idea (What, why, how, for whom? Current state/phase?)
Step 2
Apply on our website

Fill in the application form below and upload your idea slide deck (as PDF).

Make it as brief or detailed as you like, but make sure to convince us.

Step 3
Get to know each other
The most promising teams will get an invitation to the interview round - get prepared to pitch your idea and team.
Step 4
After a round of recalls we'll make the final decision if the program is the right fit for you.
Step 5
Off we go

Receive the final admission and get prepared for your take-off with us.

Our Focus? Early-Stage Entrepreneurs!

At HHL DIGITAL SPACE, we are dedicated to supporting the growth of early-stage entrepreneurs. Our support extends to ventures across a spectrum of innovative industries. Whether your idea addresses a problem in the B2B or B2C sector through a scalable digital solution, everyone is welcome to apply. 

When curating our program participants, we prioritize the entrepreneurial process of your team, the innovation level in your idea, and your approach to navigating a rigorous 12-week full-time program. We look beyond the industry you aim to impact, seeking curious entrepreneurial minds passionate about continuous learning and growth—both within the 12 weeks and beyond. If you are also interested in applying for the EXIST scholarship, we encourage you to join us on this exciting entrepreneurial journey. Apply now and unlock your potential with HHL DIGITAL SPACE! 

We match if you are...

  1. A first-time founder.
  2. In the idea phase of your startup.
  3. A team of at least two people or willing to form your team soon.
  4. Willing to come to Leipzig for our most important events.


Most frequent questions and answers

The more the better. The program is designed as a full-time program. However, if you are a team and able to structure your time well, it is possible to have other obligations. But keep in mind that the program requires a lot of time, if you want to make the best out of it.

You can attend the program remote through digital conferences and more, however we have fixed dates, that we need you to come to Leipzig, for instance our highlight event Launch Day.

We need to know the problem you want to solve and the solution you want to work on. We also need information on the team and their background.
Some startups have evaluated more than others, so it’s up to you to decide how many slides you need to include to convince us…