Startups from our program

Meet the startups from our program

Each year we have three batches of startups. The size of each batch varies between 8-12 startups, depending on the size of the teams. As our program helps to validate the problem-solution fit, some teams decide not to proceed with their idea, when they identify that the solution they were thinking of doesn’t fit the problem they wanted to solve. Therefore the overview here shows mainly teams that decided to go further with their idea.


cyber insight

Empowers SMBs to independently assess and improve their cybersecurity and regulatory compliance using an accessible&cost-effective platform

Urban Monkeys

Explore your destinations with easy route planning to the best sights with public transport and save money.


Prodlane is a SaaS platform for product managers and decision-makers in industrial companies.


Lavelio is your partner for an AI-powered content strategy.


SWIFE aims to simplify the often frustrating, time-consuming and fragmented search for events & leisure activities.

CargoKite Startup


CargoKite allows container ships to be powered by a kite. This is a massive step for sustainability as over 90% of transport is via ships.


GoSkilling assigns scoring to personality and professional skills and enables innovative matching for job seekers and recruiters.

AICAN Startup


Aican helps radiologists to detect cancer metastasis based on whole body MRI scan by a B2B SaaS solution based on AI

hiteacher startup


Green Zero Startup

Green Zero

Building customized dream houses as easy and transparent as possible.

denfachmint startup


neurodigital sartup



Find activities for your kids in your area.



Bringing together suppliers and SMEs gloablly.

Charge Holidays Logo


Travel more sustainably by planning your route with suitable hotels.


Remote collaboration for film crews.


LEVOOBA is an innovative, unique and one-of-its-kind Amazon Alexa skill that offers a competitive voice learning experience for kids.


REACH is the roadmap for your finances.


Edurino helps parents and children to combine digital competencies and age-appropriate learning units with entertaining storytelling.


As kids are growing fast, flottes provides a subscription for kids bikes. This way kids have always the right bike size.


Barbecue! Spontaneously? Without effort? When & where you want? Grillaxed makes it possible!

Independent Rewards

Business travelers know partner hotels & more that grant different rewards. How about a reward system from not the usual hotel chains?


PlanetPoints allows you to invest in sustainable projects with every purchase and therefore your consumption has a positive impact.

Insurance Architecture Framework