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The transformation processes in the industry are fostering a more sustainable business.

  • Therefore, emissions during the operation of industrial plants but especially also during power production shall be reduced.
  • Siemens ENERGY wants to support enhancing energy efficiency at the factories of their customers by utilizing environmentally friendly technologies to generate electricity out of low-temperature waste heat sources.
  • By this, they decrease fuel demands and save GHG emissions.

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The transformation processes in Siemens Energy are fostering a more sustainable business.

  • Therefore, emissions during the operation of their products but especially also during the production shall be reduced.
  • Siemens Energy wants to decarbonize their factory by utilizing environmentally friendly technologies to cover their energy demands in the heat, electricity but also testing applications.

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Görlitzer Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH is currently implementing the so-called “Public Transport Model City Project“.

  • This project is being subsidised with around 70 million euros and involves the renewal of the transport infrastructure and the procurement of 8 new innovative trams.
  • The focus of the infrastructure topics includes accessibility, innovation and digitalization. Furthermore, new drive technologies for tram vehicles and autonomous driving are to be tested.

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LEAG is one of the major employers in Eastern Germany, operating the second-largest lignite mining area and employing around 7,000 people. It aims to shift to renewable energy and innovative low-emission technologies by 2038 under the brand GigawattFactory.

  • Bridging the gap between energy demand and the variable availability of renewable sources.
  • Efficiently installing PV modules and ensuring reliable, renewable 24/7 baseload energy.

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Opened in 1910, the Town Hall Görlitz is a unique art nouveau concert hall. Built for the Silesian Music Festival, it has been a symbol of Görlitz’s up-and-coming society since its opening and has established itself as the city’s cultural memory. It has been closed since 2004 and has only been used occasionally. After the building was only given emergency repairs in recent years, it is now to be extensively renovated and modernized between 2025 and 2028. The aim is to create a modern cultural and congress center for a variety of uses.

  • The conversion and future operation of the culture and convention center will take place under the guidelines of sustainability.
  • The biggest challenge is to find sustainable energy solutions that support the operation of Stadthalle Görlitz without increasing its carbon footprint.

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The town of Görlitz is an important and growing tourist destination in Upper Lusatia and Saxony. Lake Berzdorf is located right outside the city gates. In the past, lignite was mined in a scenic setting with fantastic views of the nearby mountains. After years of recultivation, the approximately 960-hectare lake now blends harmoniously into the landscape and there are already numerous offers for active recreation and relaxing vacations. Lake Berzdorf is also an exciting playing field for private investors to exploit existing development opportunities and realize their own projects.

  • The initiative aims to establish a self-sufficient energy supply that promotes local tourism development, reduces the carbon footprint and is aligned with the city’s sustainability goals
  • It is expected that this transformation process will improve the conditions for the construction and operation of existing and additional tourist facilities during the peak summer season.

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