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Welcome to HHL DIGITAL SPACE. As the tech incubator of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, HHL DIGITAL SPACE enables and supports entrepreneurs with digital ideas. With our facilities on the HHL campus in Leipzig we offer students, researchers, and entrepreneurs a space and open platform to meet and explore the topics of digitization and entrepreneurship. Our crew and external supporters accompany the transfer of ideas into business models.

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Our vision is a future of empowered entrepreneurial minds who shape a better digital world.


Our mission is to encourage new business ideas, enable founders, and enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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What to expect


Our co-working space is designed for innovative minds to ideate and exchange while getting inspiration in online and offline formats.

pair programming


HHL has a broad network of entrepreneurial experts and together with the HHL DIGITAL SPACE crew we connect you to industry experts and mentors.


We are part of a lively community of founders, researchers and investors that we connect to startup teams in tailored event and workshop formats.

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Start-up Incubation Program

At the center of our activities, we offer a start-up support program for founders with a digital business model. The free and structured 12-week incubation program leads in a hypothesis-driven approach to finding the problem-solution fit. The program is specially designed to meet early-stage start-ups’ needs. The structure uses agile principles, guides the founders, and provides them with helpful resources. Participants receive insights from experts belonging to the HHL network and partners to equip you for a successful founders journey. The program is accompanied by supporting events such as Founders Talks, Market Day, and the final Launch Day. Find out more about our incubation program and application criteria here.