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Startup program

7 signs you’re ready for a startup program

You have a great startup idea, and now you want to realize it. A Startup program can help you to do this. But are you ready for a startup program?

Startup Trends 2022

5 Startup Top Trends in 2022 

Is it the right time to kick-off your startup? These Top 5 Startup Trends will help you to figure out what’s in high demand on the market.

5 startup podcasts to grow your business

5 Startup Podcasts to grow your Business

As a founder, you have limited resources because you are juggling different tasks at once, but squeezing in a podcast episode always works.

EXIST startup grant / Förderung

How to prepare an EXIST Proposal?

What are requirements for EXIST funding? What can I expect and what are challanges I need to be aware of? We will explain it in this blog post.