Why and how to implement Agile Methods into your Start-up!

Agile Methods for startups

Startups are facing rapid change. Due to digitization’s fast pace, a volatile environment leads them to reposition themselves and adjust constantly. Simultaneously, the final goals of startups may change over time and are often not clearly defined. Agile methods can help startups to navigate through this changing and challenging environment. Benefits of agile methods Studies … Read more

The Start-up Incubation Program by HHL DIGITAL SPACE

Get to know our 12-week Start-up Incubation Program The HHL DIGITAL SPACE is a tech incubator dedicated to supporting and enabling early- stage start-up teams to turn innovative ideas into validated, out-of-the-box solutions and enable entrepreneurs.  As a founder, you might wonder: Where is the starting point for my business? What do I need to … Read more